Pre-Production prototypes Engineering
Machining of castings
High performance products
Precise tolerances and surface finishes




Lathe Turning


Centre lathe turning to precision tolerances.
Engineering Small batch and one-off quantities.
Screw cutting of all standard and custom thread forms including multi-start threads in square and ACME forms.



Lathe Turning

*Centre lathe turning to precision tolerances.
*Small batch and one-off quantities.
*Screw cutting of all standard and custom thread forms including multi-start threads in square and ACME forms.


* Pre-production prototypes of precision components.
* Machining of castings and high performance products to precise tolerances and surface finish.

Custom Design and Build

* Specialist machinery designed and built to customer requirements including pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic operations.
* Full traceability using certified materials.
* Manufactured to a high standard and safety.


* MIG and TIG facilities including welding of Steels, Stainless steels, Aluminium and Cast Iron
* Plant ducting and adaptors from small to large scale projects
* Custom precision fabrications and installation

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

* Pressure testing of castings and machined valve chambers to detect porosity in compo-nent and material structures.
* Safe leak testing of valves and seal faces.

Machinery/Plant Maintenance

* Experienced technicians in diagnosing machine operation faults.
* Fitting and Millwright services from small to heavy industries including traditional and CNC machinery and processes.

Steam Valve Manufacturing

* High pressure steam valves.
* Removable stainless steel seats
* LG4 certified castings and full material tracabil-ity on all manufactured components.
* Pressure tested and certified to exceed maxi-mum safe working conditions.

Custom Duct Design & Installation

* On-site service to assess process procedure to aid productivity and development of product path through plant.
* Custom designed ducting with increased wear resistance and life span using modern lining materials.
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